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Jay Jackson is a life-long fan of horror fiction. From Dean Koontz to Stephen King to Donald Goines, Jay enjoys a wide variety of the genre.

It's what influences his first novel, 'The Scent' and the micro-novels he has written - Back Aft and The Collapse. 

Feel free to click on the images to purchase a copy or download it to your ereader. Enjoy!

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A trip on a top secret submarine turns into a horror show. A microbial mutation turns the underwater warship into a slaughterhouse. Famed reporter Salem Stox and his award winning cameraman, John Bonds, once again face death to get the story. But it could send them to a watery grave at the bottom of the ocean.
Drug Zombies, Mutations, Psychopaths. What do you get when you mix them together in a South Los Angeles housing project? That's what TV news duo Salem Stox and John Bonds are going to find out. It could cost them their lives.
San Diego streets run red with the blood of prostitutes. Innocents are torn to pieces and butchered at the border. A string of grizzly murders have brought the city to its knees. Now, police turn to a mysterious man with a bizarre gift. Or, is it a curse? Either way, Ollin Martinez may be the only person who can stop the carnage. But, can he stay alive long enough to do it?
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