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Jay Jackson's Jazz Journey: Feb. 18th - 21st - 2016

Thursday Feb. 18th 2016

Lomax! I love this singer! AKA Elizabeth Goldstein, Lomax took over the stage at the H.O.M.E. Thursday Night Jazz Jam! Great way to start the Jazz Journey this week. Also had great music from one of my favorite singers, Logan. Lots of new faces as The Jam continues to grow. Performers really should get there early to perform. One of the great things about The Jam is that it is STRICTLY on a first serve basis - no favorites.

The Jam gets players from as far away as Riverside and Bakersfield. the last thing we want is for them to feel cheated. I know Jam sessions in the past have called it a courtesy to let celebrity types go up before anyone else. And in special circumstances that will happen here. If a Barbara Morrison or Pancho Sanchez dropped by, yes, they'll get to the head of the line. That's the nature, protocal and tradition of the Jam session. But, if it's just a friend - get in line.

Friday Feb. 19th

The weekly stop at Aldabella was a wonderful treat! Singer Roberta Freeman and guitarist Shea Welsh wowed the crowd with an electic mix of Jazz standards along with classic and modern rock/pop tunes. Roberta has traveled the world singing backup for titans such as Pink Floyd, Guns and Roses, Joe Cocker and Mary Wilson, just to name a few. Every seat was filled in this upscale Westlake Village venue, giving it a feel of community and class.

Saturday Feb. 20th

Saturday's stop in Simi Valley was at the cozy Market Broiler. That's where the sexy songstress Jamila Ford and piano wizard Richard Turner brought down the house. It was a full house long before the show started, and boy did they get a treat. Jamila has a sneeky innocence about her that mixes with her smooth vocals - leaving more than a few gentlemen in the audience in a divorce-provking trance. You don't often get the combination of fashion model looks and Jazz chanteuse in one package. That's what we got Saturday night, though.

And what can I say about Richard Turney. Definitely one of the most dynamic pianists in ALL of LA, it was a treat just to hear him. They'll definitely be back.

Sunday Feb. 21st

The week ended with yours truly bringin two

sets of Jazz Standards to the upscale Sunday Brunch at the House of Music and Entertainment in Beverly Hills. Teamed up with bass boss Andy Allen and guitar wonder Massimo Sammi, all I can say is - killed it!

In the end, another great week of Jazz. There's nothing like loving what you do... and I love this!

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