Success Stories

At Jay Jackson Jazz Presents, we pride ourselves on providing a high-class, music-filled experience for every customer.  Our goal is to make every person who enters a venue with JJJP entertainment feel not only special, but part of a family.

We also pride ourselves on turning every venue into a destination location for music lovers and elegance seekers around the area.  Our primary goal is to fill every seat, every night there's a performer booked by JJJP.

Finally, our promise is to provide the highest quality entertainment available.  Each JJJP performer is an experienced professional at the top of their game.  Here are just a handful of the rooms we've turned from empty to full in a matter of weeks!

Contact for reference:

Larry Moisan - 805-587-2376

Contact for reference:

Jonathon Floyd - 818-430-5860

Contact for reference:

Dave Predhmore - 805-210-7640

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